​T​he Best Star Wars Drones for 2020

​​To say I was excited to write this review is a massive understatement, what man child doesn't want to fly a Tie Fighter? Or better still... Battle your friends flying X-Wings and Speeder Bikes! The Propel drones are well made and FAST really fast (more on this later) and in our opinion definitly the best ​Star Wars drone available. Sadly there is no Milenium Falcon in the Star Wars Propel drone Collection, but rumour is, it's on the way...

​​Star Wars Propel Drone

​This guide is vastly dominated by propel drones, for a good reason they are high quality, easy to fly and almost as fast as the jump to light speed... And they have an epic battle drone mode, making the hands down the best drone for any Star Wars fan.

​If you are as crazy about Star Wars as we are you've probably imagined yourself piloting an X-Wing or TIE Fighter during the Death Star trench run ("copy red leader"). With the invention of Propel’s Star Wars Battle Drones, you now have the chance to experiment with some of the Star Wars world’s most popular vehicles. These fictional vehicles are so rooted in our childhood; it is no doubt they have been brought to life again as drones, imagine the 8 year old in you flying an X Wing into battle...

Propel’s latest Star Wars Battle drones have indeed set the bar ​very high, and it may take some years before somebody else even attempts to best the quality of Propels drones. The question that most fans have is, did they do enough to satisfy both drone fanatics and Star Wars fans, or are these just another toy with the Star Wars logo? 

Read the following review ​while we will assure you "​these are the droids drones you are searching for" and "That's no moon toy"​ ​ (ok, ok, we will stop it with the SW quotes now...)

​Propel Star Wars Drone Collection

​The Best Star Wars Drones Available in 2020



Flight (mins)


Easy to Fly


​5 - 7

​35 MPH


​​5 - 7

​35 MPH


​​5 - 7

​35 MPH


"That's no toy... These are the Star Wars Drones you're looking for..." - Let's Fly Wisely
​Pros & Cons
  • ​​Excellent packaging
  • ​Drone details are amazing
  • ​Inbuilt right and left barrel roll buttons
  • ​Controller that plays authentic Star Wars music
  • ​Extra replacement blades
  • ​Two batteries, fast charge
  • ​Easy to fly (training mode)
  • ​Flight simulator
  • ​Blades detached after a crash
  • ​barrel roll can only be performed when the battery is at full charge
  • ​Will not fly in rain/damp
  • ​If the propeller fails, you may need to have the drone replaced


It is always amazing to see a stunt drone take to the air. There are various styles of stunts to see, but from a general perspective, you should anticipate a device that flips in the sky. In some cases, the call it a 360 version or even a barrel roll. Irrespective of what they call it, it is a stunt, and it’s fantastic to see.

The good thing about propel drones are that they have the capabilities of performing 360 aired stunts. Thus, you can do a left and right barrel roll with the press of the bumper buttons on the controller. Each of these drones incorporates an IR blaster and receivers to enable you to participate in these laser battles that propel has invented.

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​Battery Life

Battery life isn’t amazing, as most of you might anticipate. The manual promises five to seven minutes of flight time from a battery that is fully charged depending on how aggressive you are with the controls. Once the battery starts draining out, you will find that the device scuffles to take off, and even falls back to the surface almost straightaway.

The package comes with two battery sets for each drone, and this may increase your playtime as you may be charging the one set while the other one is in the drone. When it comes to designing drone batteries, the smaller the battery, the lighter it is. When the drone is light, you will have an easier time taking off and controlling it.

​Charge time

Propel drones comes with a charger that is specially designed for each battery pack and the battery pack is indeed integrated into the model itself. The charge time is also incredibly fast. Surprisingly, you can get the battery to full charge within eight to ten minutes.


You might have seen Propel’s most significant features already. While most drones have rotors on the underside, propel drones have them on the top. Propels comes with a system known by many as the ‘reverse propulsion system,’ and it helps these rotors attain speeds of up to 35 miles per hour. The rotors are positioned in such a way that you will not quickly notice them as in the case of typical propulsion on most drones. However, they aren’t totally invisible as they are attached to the protruding legs, but they are less noticeable than most.

If it’s your first time flying these drones, you don’t have to worry as the manufacturer allows you to switch it to training mode. With this mode, the controls are made less responsive, the speed is lowered, and your optimal altitude is lowered. After gaining experience, you can proceed to speed mode 1.

​Easy to fly

If you have ever flown a drone, you probably know how tricky it is to master, especially when one isn’t experienced in controlling a device with three dimensions of maneuverability. These are no different, but they are easy to get used to. The aerial tactics and weaponry require some practice, especially if you are looking forward to knocking another player’s drone out of the air.

Propel promises zero latency, which seems correct. Every time you make a change on the controller, the drone will obey the commands and respond instantly. Flying is an unbelievably flawless experience with these gadgets.

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One of the primary things you will like in propel drones is the automatic take-off and landing procedures. Most users generally stall after turning on a drone for the first time when the propellers start buzzing. The fact that Propel drones can take-off, and land automatically is a lifesaver. When landing, all you need to do is press the necessary button to enable the drone lower to the ground slowly and then switch off. The drone is also fitted with an emergency cut off to use whenever you need it. The button cuts the engine irrespective of what is happening.

​Star Wars Battle Drone Mode

Battling isn’t something you can perform on your own. Up to twelve individuals can battle, and it involves buzzing around firing beams of light at one another to try and score hits. It is pretty straightforward. Every drone comprises three lives and being hit means life is lost. After the three lives are gone, the drone will automatically lower down for the remaining part of the game. You earn points by hitting your opponents.

The smart app is possibly the most crucial part of the drone. It was invented to assist beginners to get grips to their new gadgets without having to fire up the actual thing and lead to real damage. It connects to the typical drone controller through the Bluetooth and shows you all the things you can perform with the drone. According to the developers, it covers up to ninety-eight percent of what the drone is capable of.

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The application also incorporates itself into the battling process, indicating your score, showing who your opponent is, and the number of lives left. After setting up everything, it communicates with other opponents in the battle in real time and does all the complicated stuff such as storekeeping to enable you to stay focused on the battle at hand. Besides, the application allows you to order for spare parts like batteries, new rotors, among others.

​When it comes to the best Star Wars drones, everybody has different desires and needs. Thus, there is no single option that some are better than others in all circumstances. That is why we have picked three of the best propel drones you can choose from:


A lot of dedication has gone into the manufacturing of this high-performance drone. This is noticeable from the collector’s display case, the myriad Star Wars Easter eggs, and the hand-painted chassis. If you are new into the drone world, this is the best gadget for you.

Design and Features

The X-wing will appeal you from the word go since it’s hand-painted. The bottom side of the drone contains an IR receiver and four metal bits that extend from the chassis. Here is where you attach the propellers. The package comes with 12 propellers.

When you flip the drone to the right side, you will see a moveable battery lock mechanism, the battery itself, as well as back LED lights. The package comes with two battery sets to allow you to charge one while the other one is in use.


This drone is compatible with an Android or iOS app and also designed for multiplayer drone game scenario. Thus, the device emits infra-red beams to ‘combat’ one another in-flight. The good thing is that T-65 X-Wing comes ready-to-fly and assembled. It, therefore, incorporates spare parts, flight batteries, radio controller, and other collectibles and add-ons.

Key Features:

  • Special edition packaging box with light-up display case
  • Every vehicle is hand painted, numbered and highly painted
  • ​A 2.4 GHz controller
  • ​Multiple speed settings
  • Push button aerial stunts


Revive your favored Star Wars moments with Propel’s TIE Advanced X1. This drone can attain speeds of up to 35 miles per hour. Various speed settings and flight modes are available for multiple skill levels, including a training mode that can be used by amateurs to learn how to fly and protect themselves against crashes and collisions.

Aside from performing tricks and flying, you can connect this tool to the free companion application and go on special ‘missions’ as well as take part in simulated battles with other players. By using the drone and app simultaneously, you will undergo an immersive and unique Star Wars experience.

Besides, TIE Advanced X1 box incorporates a collectible case that enables you to show off your drone uniquely. The case also includes a light-up base and plays original music from the Star Wars Movies.

The device comes assembled and ready-to-fly. Flight batteries, radio controller, as well as spare parts, are incorporated in the package. You only need to buy four AA batteries for the controller to experience your first flight.

The Companion Application

Propel Star Wars companion application for Android and iOS devices comes with three distinctive modes:

  • ​Community – allows you to connect and battle with several other Star Wars players.
  • ​Flight Simulator – with your controller connected to the drone via Bluetooth connection, this mode will enable you to fly it in virtually any Star Wars environments.
  • ​Battle Mode – it allows drone pilots to test the experience of multiplayer dog fights inspired by the missions and battles of the Star Wars universe.


  • ​It is fitted with an intelligent awareness technology that allows a player to take part in an interactive game with up to twelve other players through Propel’s companion application.
  • It includes encoded laser battling to will enable you to take part in a simulated laser battle. The lasers are quicker and much more accurate than IR, and this is beneficial for difficult gameplay.
  • ​It has a training mode which allows pilots to establish an invisible boundary to prevent the drone from either crashing to the ground or to fly away. The training mode also adds additional stability and slows the flight rate as well.
  • ​It has working battle cannons and LED directional lights.
  • ​Auto-landing and take-off features
  • ​Auto calibration and trim control
  • ​Empire-themed controller


Rekindle Endor’s classic sights via the 74-Z. Famous for their superior agility and maneuverability, battle or race with pilots in your personalized rendition of Star Wars, ‘The Return of Jedi’ with this special drone. This unique vehicle is designed to maximize maneuverability and speed over stability.

  • Features
  • ​Push-button aerial stunts.
  • ​A new reverse propulsion blade system that can reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour.
  • ​Multiple speed settings for starters as well as experienced pilots
  • ​A 2.4 GHz controller
  • ​Multiplayer battle game with several other propel Star Wars
  • ​Every ship is hand painted, highly detailed and numbered
  • ​Unique edition collectors box with light-up display case

Other Features:

Intelligent Awareness Technology

Propel’s innovative IAT technology closes the gap between the real world and virtual gaming. It indeed unlocks a brand new era to the gaming world. This technology utilizes four latency-free wireless communication systems to develop a compelling and exciting gaming experience.

Flight Simulator

You can learn to fly your drone in Star Wars scenes by connecting the flight controller to the community app via Bluetooth. Afterward, you can battle with other drone pilots.

Battle Mode

This allows drone pilots to feel the buzz of multiplayer dog fights that are inspired by the missions and battles of the Star Wars movies/universe.

We hope this guide has helped you find the best star wars drone available in ​2020. Don't forget to checkout out our other drone reviews: