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Best Nano Drone

The best Nano Drone

Who says you need to pay more than $100 for a drone when you can spend just as much as $15? After carefully researching 15 different inexpensive drones, the Syma X12 is the best nano drone for its brilliant controls within a very small stature. It is also quite cheap too. Know this and more of the top 5 best nano drones down below.

The Best Nano Drones for 2020:

Best Nano Drone: Syma X12

SYMA X12S Green 4CH 2.4G Nano Quadcopter
  • Stabile Flight Characteristics
  • Model Number: X12S-G
  • Item Package Dimension: 18.9" L x 7.3" W...
  • Item Package Weight: 1.2 lb

The Syma X12 is a drone I wish I had when I was a kid (given that commercial drones already existed during my childhood) because it was everything I could have wished for: a petite flying saucer that I can play inside the house. It’s a miniature quadcopter that includes a usb charger, a PlayStation-like controller, a propeller guard and extra propellers. It is also crash-free too so you don’t have to worry if the drone runs out of batteries in mid-air. The best part about the Syma X12 is that it still resembles a quadcopter without being so difficult to control.

If you haven't heard of Syma, be sure to check out our best Syma drone review for an overview of their top drones.

Best Value Nano Drone: Eachine E010

EACHINE E016H Mini Drones for Kids and Beginners,RC Nano Quadcopter with Altitude Hold Function for...
  • Safe fully enclosed design: Detachable...
  • Easy to Play: Powerful air pressure...
  • Long flight Time: Comes with 2 drone...
  • Having Fun: With 3D flip function, and...
  • A Great Gift for Kids: With Low Battery...

The Eachine E010 is arguably one of the cutest drones ever. It is such a joy to play at home or in the backyard since you don’t even need any professional help to fly this mini UAV. It uses a durable nylon build to keep It resistant from crashes no matter how many bad landings you make. However, it can only last up to 5 minutes but at least the charging is pretty quick. The E010 can also reach an altitude of up to 100m, making it good to use in open areas without wind. Best of all, the E010 is very cheap.

Best Nano Drone for Kids: Cheerson CX-10

Cheerson CX-10 Mini 2.4G 4CH 6 Axis LED RC Quadcopter Toy Blue
  • 4 channel mini rolling quadcopter.
  • Throw to fly,real 6 axis gyro.
  • Low voltage alarm.
  • With LED light for night flight.
  • Up/down/left/right/side...

Technically, nano drones are more for kids but if you want something that mostly appeals to the young admiring droners, you should get them a Cheerson CX-10. It is so small, you can cover the whole drone with your entire palm. And thanks to its small size, you can do all sorts of crazy aerobatics even if you never had training in drone stunts. However, it can only last up to 4 minutes, but that is what you get for buying a budget nano drone. The drone is best used indoors as It’s not very resistant when it comes to the wind.

Best FPV Nano Drone: Poke FPV Mini UFO

ARRIS Poke Micro FPV Mini RC Quadcopter Drone Micro Video Camera Drone UFO RTF w/ 5.8G 25mw AIO...
  • This ARRIS poke micro drone is based on...
  • One-key Return: With built-in...
  • FPV Camera: Equipped with 5.8G 25mW HD...
  • This micro video camera drone has...
  • RTF version with a battery inside the...

This amazing mini flying saucer does not just look like a little buddy from space, it is also a great as an entry-level FPV drone for both young and old droners. Its light build and small figure makes it possible to do frontflips and backflips in mid-air like you are trying to dodge incoming missiles from Area 51. The FPV camera itself and the head-tracking are quite responsive too, but the farthest the UFO can go is just up to 30m. Generally, it looks like a novelty drone but its controls make it plausible as a newbie-level UAV before you buy a more expensive drone.

Best Outdoor Nano Drone: JJRC H20 Hexacopter

Unbranded JJRC H20 RC Quadcopter 2.4G 4Ch 6-Axis Gyro Nano Hexacopter Drone CF RTF Mini
  • Features: With Headless Mode,no need to...
  • It has 6-axis gyro which can have more...
  • Description: Item name: JJRC H20 Nano...
  • Gyro: 6 axis Product battery: 3.7V...
  • Package included: 1 * H20 RC Quadcopter...

The JJRC H20 is a mini hexacopter that feels more like a DJI hiding in a small box. While it may be a nano drone, the H20 excels in wind resistance, making it possible to fly outside your home without worrying about it drifting away from you. The drone also includes spare parts and a mini USB charger in case you want to give the hexacopter a fresh start. And the best of all, the price is very cheap. For a hexacopter with lowkey top-of-the-line controls and configurations, you would think this is pretty expensive. If you want to experience the joy of outdoor droning without the high price, go for the JJRC H20 Hexacopter.

What Nano Drone Should You Buy, And Why?

Nano drones are very fun to have especially if you just want to play with drones casually with your friends or with your children. That is why I picked the Syma X12 as the best nano drone because it’s a mini quadcopter that is packed full of huge fun inside a small design. It’s already cheap but if you want to go cheaper or if you want a drone that appeals mostly to kids, go with the Eachine E010 or the Cheerson CX-10. If you prefer going FPV, stick with the Poke FPV Mini UFO. And when you want the best nano drone for outdoor purposes, choose the JJRC H20.

Buying Guide for Nano Drones


If you are looking for a nano drone, then the drone type name should be a dead giveaway to you. The best way to know if it is a nano drone is if it fits the palm of your hand. Some can even go small as the size of a pinch between two fingers but those are more FPV than simple RC drones

Easy Controls

Controls should be easy if you are flying a nano drone. After all, nano drones are either for indoor fun or infiltration inside your neighbor’s property (just kidding). Because of its casual purpose, the controls have to be very simple to the point where even the most inexperienced drone user can fly one properly within a few minutes.


The best thing about the nano drone is the price. Unlike the usual consumer drones, nano drones are far cheaper to the point of costing just $15. Although, if you want the best ones, go with drones that cost around $20 to $50. 

Wind Resistance

An issue with a nano drone is wind resistance. Obviously, not every drone is made for outdoor purposes or else the wind will drift off your drone, only to be never seen ever again. But there are some that specialize in outdoor purposes - specifically quadcopters to octocopters. 

Nano Drones FAQ:

What is the best nano drone?

The answer will depend on your preference. If you skipped the list of the best nano drones based on my research, you can always check out other forums and reviews if you don’t find what you’re looking for in this article. Personally, I think you’ll find the Syma X12 to be the best nano drone.

Can drones be used indoors?

Not every drone is ideal for flying inside your household, though. The only good ones are the smallest kinds since large drones like the DJI Phantom 4 Pro can just knock over anything inside the house. Unless you live in a mansion or a house with a high ceiling, it is more ideal to get a nano drone.

Do all nano drones require a smartphone?

Most nano drones have smartphone apps - especially the FPV types. Although, there are some that are much like a pure aerial R/C where all you need is a controller that comes with it. Even if you don’t have a smartphone, the indoor drones with apps always have a PC app version.

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