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Best Pocket Drone

Are some drones too big for you? No problem, I listed down the top 5 best pocket drones today. After doing research on 25 drones, the DJI Tello is the best of the bunch, thanks to its ease of use, high wind resistance and overall fun experience. See more of the list below.

Best Pocket Drone

DJI Tello

DJI Tello is the cheapest among DJI drones and is one of the most spectacular small UAVs ever made. The whole drone can fit on your hand yet it delivers crazy good images thanks to its built-in 720p camera. Flight time is also quite long for a small drone and it uses propeller guards to refrain any accidents on people and objects. The Tello is very light too, yet resistant enough to use it on a windy day. As for the controls, they are very easy to use, especially if you are using a smartphone game controller or a VR headset.

Best Value Pocket Drone

Syma X12

The Syma X12 is a mini quadcopter that looks as cute as a button. Syma is known to make cool-looking drones and the X12 is definitely one of them, but with a much cheaper asking price. I could say that not only is the X12 very inviting for kids to play with, but it is also a good start if you are planning to join the drone hobby as an adult. With simple controls, unique aerobatics and headless mode to make flying easier, the Syma X12 is a flying buddy with basic drone maneuvers that will improve your flying skills.

Best Budget Pocket Drone

Eachine E010

Small, fast, and very cute, the Eachine E010 is fun to play at home or in the backyard (when the weather isn’t windy, of course). Due to its very small size, you will never need to register it to the FAA or buy a license to do so. Within the Eachine E010 is durable nylon, which helps in crash resistance or when it bumps on objects. Charging is fast, but the battery life only lasts up to 5 minutes. It also has propeller guards in order to not cause unnecessary collisions on objects at home. But best of all, it’s very affordable.

Best FPV Pocket Drone

DJI Mavic Mini

Small in stature yet large in features, the DJI Mavic Mini is like a dream thanks to an amazing camera, decent battery life and easy controls. You can’t deny that the Mavic Mini is one of the best small-sized drones and anybody who owns it are happy with it. Sure, it may not be pocket-sized but it is technically a more convenient way to enjoy the beauty of the Mavic series in a more affordable option. It may not be within the price range as the rest of the drones listed here but it is certainly worth every penny once you have it.

Best Outdoor Pocket Drone

JJRC H20 Hexacopter

JJRC H20 may be small, but it particularly good to use for outdoor purposes. Just make sure the drone stays within your line of sight because this little flying critter can tend to get lost if you are unaware. It’s also a hexacopter, meaning it can fly faster than regular pocket drones and has slightly longer battery life than a quadcopter. This 6-rotor drone also includes extra parts which are made to customize the look and functionality of the H20. Best of all, this small drone is very affordable. It also makes a great entry-level drone if you aren’t planning to buy anything grand yet.

What Would I Buy?

You don’t even need a large drone to enjoy flying. In fact, a fun experience can come in small sizes. That’s why I chose the DJI Tello as the best pocket drone because not only is it fun, but it is a very reliable drone too for selfies and aerobatic stunts. If you wish to buy something much cheaper, then the Syma X12 is your friend. Looking to play with arguably the cutest drone ever? Try the Eachine E010. But if you want something very serious yet still small in stature, the DJI Mavic Mini is a great starting point. Lastly, if you prefer a small drone that can work properly outdoors, the JJRC H20 Hexacopter makes a good choice.

Pocket Drone Buying Guide:


If you are looking for a pocket drone, the market will provide you with miniature ones. Sure, you can buy a bigger drone but those are more for the experienced types. Just because it is small doesn’t mean it’s basically a toy. Take DJI Tello and DJI Mavic Mini as examples.

Easy Controls  

Controls should be easy if you are flying a pocket drone. Most pint-sized drones do not use complex configurations because they’re mainly for fun. Even the most inexperienced user should be able to properly fly one in a matter of minutes.


The best thing about pocket drones is the price. Unlike the common recreational drones, toy drones can cost at just $15. However, DJI is an exception since the Tello starts at $100 and the Mavic Mini costs $399.

Headless Mode  

Headless mode is important in pocket drones. Basically, what it means is that you don’t even need to rely on the drone’s camera to move it. Instead, it performs in a free-form manner wherein you can control the UAV from your line of sight.

Pocket Drone FAQ:

What is the best pocket drone?

Personally, I will say the DJI Tello, but it all boils down to your preference. It all depends on what you want in a small drone. Do you prefer fun? Stunts? Selfies? Outdoor flying? There are quite a ton of them but you should refer to the drones on this list.

Can drones be used indoors?

Not every drone is ideal for flying inside your household, though. The only good ones are the smallest kinds since large drones like the DJI Phantom 4 Pro can just knock over anything inside the house. Unless you live in a mansion or a house with a high ceiling, it is more ideal to get a pocket drone.

Do all toy drones require a smartphone?

Most pocket drones have smartphone apps - especially the FPV types. Although, there are some that includes a VR headset and a fully-functional remote control. Even if you don’t have a smartphone, the indoor drones with apps always have a PC app version.

What is a pocket drone?

A pocket drone is a small unmanned aerial vehicle that can fit the palm of your hand. However, not every small drone is just for fun. The DJI Mavic Mini may be tiny but its main purpose is aerial photoshoots and GPS tracking.

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