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Best Syma Drone

If you need a guide to the best Syma drones today, you came to the right place. After researching over 15 UAVs, the Syma X8HG is the best Syma drone due to its six-axis flight control system, 3D flipping capabilities and lots of seamless features. Learn more about it and the top 5 right down below.

Best Syma Drone

Syma X8HG 

Equipped with a solid 8MP camera, and a six-axis gyro quad rotorcraft, the Syma X8HG presents itself as a professional drone that is inexpensive and also welcoming for beginners. This FPV drone can also do cool 3D flips and 360 turns. Due to its stability, wind resistance is no problem and the camera maintains steady visuals, no matter what the weather is. Thanks to its 2.4GHz technology, it will never interfere with fellow drones in mid-air. The LED lights on it make it great to fly at night time. Overall, it is a high-quality drone that costs much lesser than $100.

Best Value Syma Drone

Syma X5SW-V3

The Syma X5SW-V3 is one of the most known drones from the brand. From its tough build and simple controls to its intuitive camera, the X5SW-V3 is one of the more superior drones from Syma that does not cost a lot. The camera is specialized with HD WiFi in order for you to check out captured screenshots on the fly while the drone is still flying. The mobile app is also good enough to use on its own without ever relying on the remote control. Best of all, it can go more than 100 m and still won’t lose reception.

Best Headless Syma Drone

Syma X5A-1

This headless drone makes it comfortable to use for beginner droners and hardcore hobbyists alike. The Syma X5A-1 utilizes a special stable system and double flight time, also known as the six-axis gyro stabilization and 2.4GHz technology. While it does not include a camera, it does have 2 spare batteries so you can keep on flying for longer. The two speed modes make it easy for any user and night flights are suitable since the drone includes LED lights. The X5A-1 also has a very strong wind resistance, which results in a strong drone capable of flying on any weather condition except rain and snow.

Best Stunt Syma Drone

Syma X1

If you are looking to add more thrill to your flight sessions, you may want to try out the Syma X1. Not only is it below $50, but it is also light, fast and very agile. The main feature of the Syma X1 is the inclusion of 3D maneuverability; which can do different kinds of flips and 360-degree turns. The updated version includes a better 2.4GHz radio control, which means you will experience zero lag when controlling it even from afar. Thanks to its small size, you can use it both indoors and outdoors, making it a joy to use for pilots of all ages.

Best Mini Syma Drone

Syma X12

The Syma X12 is a mini quadcopter that looks as cute as a button. Syma is known to make cool-looking drones and the X12 is definitely one of them, but with a much cheaper asking price. I could say that not only is the X12 very inviting for kids to play with, but it is also a good start if you are planning to join the drone hobby as an adult. With simple controls, unique aerobatics and headless mode to make flying easier, the Syma X12 is a flying buddy with basic drone maneuvers that will improve your flying skills.

What Would I Buy?

Syma is always a great inexpensive choice when you want a solid drone without spending a lot. The best Syma drone I can recommend to you is the Syma X8HG, thanks to its highly responsive controls, included camera attachment and low battery consumption. If you prefer something more budgeted yet valuable, the Syma X5SW-V3 is a great choice. When you are having a tough time dealing with camera controls, go easy with the Syma X5A-1. But, if you like a daredevil drone that does incredible stunts, choose the Syma X1. And, when you prefer a more convenient way to have fun with drones, play with the pocket-sized Syma X12.


Syma includes different kinds of drones, each with its own functionality. Some drones are purely headless, some are made for stunts, while others specialize in photography. You will need to know what Syma drone you are planning to get because they are all quite unique.


For the most part, Syma is very easy to control, that’s why it is a smash hit among beginners. Most Syma drones include a remote control, but others only require you to download an app, especially if it is WiFi ready. Syma drones are fitted with 2.4GHz technology in order to remove any lag when you are controlling the drone, even from afar.


Syma is known for having very inexpensive drones. In fact, their drones always cost way lesser than $100 and that’s quite a huge deal. Not only are the prices very cheap but the drones always come with a spare battery and controller to go with them.


Syma drones are not just generous on the wallet, they are small too. A lot of Syma drones are light and easy to pick up and play. But, the best reason to get a Syma drone is that most of the UAVs weigh less than 250g, which means you won’t ever need to head to the FAA for registration.


What is the best Syma drone?

There are so many good Syma drones to pick but personally, I choose the Syma X8HG since it just looks so suave and it only costs less than $50. It’s a great drone to use for aerial shots and do 3D stunts at the same time.

Can Syma drones be used indoors?

Due to its small proportions, Syma drones are great for both indoor and outdoor usage. That’s the beauty of Syma drones. Not only are they good in either area but the battery consumption and ease of use are what make Syma drones outstanding.

Do all Syma drones have a smartphone app?

Yes, all Syma drones include a free app for you to use. Some drones also include an optional controller for your phone in order to enhance the experience even further. The best part about them is that the prices are always cheap.

Are Syma drones long lasting?

While Syma drones are mostly known for costing cheap, the life expectancy is quite long too. Many of its buyers are very happy with their Syma drones because it has been with them for years and it doesn’t look like they’ll stop anytime soon.

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