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Best Heavy Lift Drones

After researching over 20 drones. I picked the Vulcan UAV Raven as the best heavy lift drone overall. The Raven beats out the other drones in this category in terms of payload strength and ergonomic design (more on this below) for those that need a utility UAV.

Best Heavy Lift Drone: Vulcan UAV Raven

PROJET RQ-11 Raven Brushless Remote Control RC UAV Drone Airplane ARF Kit
  • Wingspan: 1300mm
  • Length: 1660mm
  • Weight: 900~1000g
  • Wing Area: 30 dm^2
  • Wing Loading: 30~34g dm^2

The Vulcan UAV Raven is known to carry up to a maximum of 20 lbs, making this a good utility UAV for heavy payload. While it may not look consumer-friendly, it does excel at being an industrial type of drone. It is a reliable UAV capable of transporting the toughest packages while being light thanks to its carbon fiber coating and aluminium frames. It is also a very safe drone available - making this friendly to use whether your purpose is personal or commercial. I could have selected the more powerful Vulcan UAV Airlift but 30 lbs may be a bit too much in both total payload and price; which is why the Raven is just right for you.

Best Value Heavy Lift Drone

Incredible HLQ

PROJET RQ-11 Raven Brushless Remote Control RC UAV Drone Airplane ARF Kit
  • Wingspan: 1300mm
  • Length: 1660mm
  • Weight: 900~1000g
  • Wing Area: 30 dm^2
  • Wing Loading: 30~34g dm^2

The Incredible HLQ is all thanks to a Kickstarter campaign by a group of mechanical engineering students from San Jose, CA. The HLQ includes a two-engine design and multiple modes depending on your purpose. It does not cost a lot too - as in it is much cheaper than a DJI. Plus, you get to support the independent group of these intellectual students. Just don’t expect the HLQ to sound quiet or perform at a very finesse pace though, but it still does payload-carrying feel very convenient.

Best and Longest Lasting Heavy Lift Drone

Yeair Hybrid Quadcopter 

The Yeair Hybrid Quadcopter is a good mid-tier industrial drone that can lift up to 12 lbs and capable of speeding up to 60 mph. It’s a popular buy for its good price and extra features but people buy it for the rigid build and crash-free design. The battery is also not rechargeable (because it’s gas-powered), however it can fly for up to 35 minutes. Its travel distance, combined with the top speed and decent payload carry are the reasons that make the Yeair Hybrid Quadcopter a solid choice for both professionals and hobbyists alike. It’s like carrying around a very reliable buddy with you anywhere you go for half an hour.

Best Budget Heavy Lift Drone

DJI S1000+

It’s crazy to think that the DJI is the cheapest in the list but here it is. The DJI S1000+ is a gas-powered drone that can carry up to 4 lbs of payload. It is also fitted with a carbon fiber design which makes it easy to bring it with you despite its gas-powered build. Much like the other DJI’s, the S1000+ is easy when it comes to its controls. Even if you are new to the world of drones, you will not have a hard time. If you need a light carriage that is equally light on the budget, the DJI S1000+ is the best solution.

Best Heavy Lift Drone for Photography

Tarot T-18

When you need a great drone to take awesome aerial shots with a decent DSLR, the Tarot T-18 is your answer. While it does do cool photos, the T-18 can also carry payload of up to 8 kg. It is also an octocopter by design, meaning there will be guaranteed zero stability issues. As of battery life, it can do one long run for 20 minutes. I highly recommend this drone if you want the best photographs from a bird’s eye view; even DJI can’t match the DSLR quality of the Tarot T-18. Plus, it is quite reasonably priced too.

What Heavy Lift Drone Would I Buy?

Drones are a modern reliable source of carrying packages that make your life easier, that’s why I chose the Vulcan UAV Raven as the best heavy lift drone in the list. Although, if you prefer something much cheaper but still capable of carrying load without the slow pace, you should go try the Incredible HLQ. And if you need a drone that lasts long up to 35 minutes, the Yeair Hybrid Quadcopter. Ironically, the best budget heavy lift drone goes to DJI S1000+ since it is light for the pocket and for carriage. And if you like a heavy duty drone with a no-joke DSLR camera attachment, the Tarot T-18 is a good choice.

Heavy Lift Drone Buying Guide:

Why Pick a Lifter

Common commercial drones are either just for hobby or for camerawork. However, there are a few exceptions for drones - specifically the industrial ones. A heavy lift drone is best for when the going gets tough and you need to deliver or transport packages. A heavy lift drone can lift up to 35 lbs, but companies are working harder in order to allow more weight while maintaining stability under a good price.


A lot of gas-powered drones are made for lifting and it all depends on what kind of items you are carrying around. As such, the more payload a drone can carry, the more expensive it is. However, there are some that are made for light carrying such as the DJI S1000+. However, you can always settle for electric-powered lifting drones if the payload is very light at around 2 to 10 lbs.


The drones I mentioned on this list all have very good stability. The last thing you would want is for your drone to go shaky and drop the payload. Always check the brand reputation and drone reviews before buying.


Simple enough, if the drone can carry heavier packages, the more expensive it is.

What drone can lift the most weight?

According to a report from Fox News, Griff Aviation created a drone called the Griff 300 that is capable of lifting up to 660 lbs. Yes it sounds ridiculous but this is the type of drone you would not be able to find on the likes of Amazon or Sears.

How much weight can a quadcopter lift?

A quadcopter can carry up to a maximum of 55 lbs but that does not come without stability issues. Instead, the safest payload so far is 30 lbs which are enough for a good commercial drone to carry around at any time for whatever purpose.

Are gas powered drones better at lifting?

Technically yes, gas-powered drones do better industrial work than electric drones since they are made for the big-time labor. The problem with gas drones is that they are usually non-rechargeable and absorb more heat. Electric is also good but only for light carriage.

How much weight can a DJI drone carry?

DJI drones aren’t reputable for carrying the most extreme payload. Instead, they excel at light ones and transport at fast speeds. The heaviest it can carry is 8.2 kg from a model called the DJI Spreading Wings S900 - a more expensive version over the S1000+.

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