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Best Drones for Kids

Best Drones for Kids

I think you’ll agree that buying a drone for children can be hard. Fortunately, I performed extensive research of over 30 drones and found the best drone for kids this 2020, which, in my opinion, is the Parrot Mambo. Check out the reasons below as to why I think this is the best choice.

Best Drone for Kids: Parrot Mambo

While the Parrot Mambo is an unusual favorite among adults, the Parrot Mambo is targeted for children ages 8 and up. This small FPV wonder counts as both a toy and a starter drone for the kids who find interest in the world of drones. Take note that it is only built for household use due to its 10 minutes battery life and a short connection. It also works well on any major VR headset and FPV goggles too. The Parrot Mambo makes a great tech gift for kids and as well as those who are a kid at heart.

Best Value Drone for Kids: Poke Mini UFO

Poke FPV Indoor Mini UFO Quadcopter Drone Mini RC Helicopter Drone 5.8G 25mW Camera Headless Mode...
  • Poke FPV Quadcopter RTF Mini Drone Mini...
  • Headless function: Usually, the forward...
  • Equipped with HD camera to take photos...
  • Quadcopter Drone allows you to view...

The Poke Mini UFO speaks for itself; it looks like a small flying saucer that casually floats around at home. It is perhaps one of the most entertaining drones for kids thanks to the number of potential aerobatics that you can pull off with it. Before you buy it, make sure you have a smartphone or monitor at home in order to play with it (given that you don’t have any of those). Head tracking is also amazing in the Poke drone and it can travel to a decent maximum of 30km which is good enough for home usage or backyard.

Best Budget Drone for Kids: Eachine E019

Mini Quadcopter Drone for Kids and Adults,EACHINE E019 RC Stunt Paraglider Flight Mode Altitude Hold...
  • Experience Upgrade:2-Axis flying...
  • 2-in-1 Flight Mode:Transforms from RC...
  • How to Use Paraglider Mode:Press and...
  • Best Gifts for kids:Powerful...
  • Quality Customer Service:Please feel...

Eachine E019 includes an action figure that stands on the drone but you may be able to change his position including standing, sitting and even parachuting. The main good feature in the E019 is the simple controller that feels more like a Dualshock 4 or Xbox One controller You could consider this as a novelty drone but that is only because it is small in size and perfect for kids to play. While it may not travel very far nor does it have an extended battery life, it sure makes a great toy for the young drone enthusiasts or just something to play with.

Best Beginner Racing Drone for Kids: EMAX Hawk Sport

EMAX Hawk Sport 5" Inch PNP FPV Racing Drone (2400KV PNP)
  • 5 inch propellers
  • Speeds up to 105 MPH
  • Go Pro compatible
  • EMAX Nano RHCP SMA Antenna
  • Spare Canopy

Not only is the EMAX Hawk Sport reputable as one of the very first to popularize drone racing, but it also makes a great standard drone for kids who are aspiring to become drone racing legends The controls are simple enough for a kid to learn but you may want to guide them when it comes to the configurations. It also includes a GoPro mount and can reach up to 105 mph. While it may technically be an adult type of drone, this device certainly helps in opening the child’s mind to the wonderful world of aerobatic racing and professional droning.

Best Stunt Drone for Kids: Yuneec Mantis Q

Yuneec Mantis Q YUNMQUS Foldable Camera Drone with WiFi Remote
  • Small yet powerful, Mantis Q features...
  • Using an integrated camera, the Mantis Q...
  • Vision based tracking and face...
  • "Mantis, take a selfie!" - With the all...
  • Intelligent flight modes -Take your...

The Yuneec Mantis Q is a good beginner stunt drone for all ages, even for kids. It also will not cost you much since this was one of the very first drones ever built. The Yuneec Mantis Q can be also foldable and can last up to more than 21 minutes plus with extra batteries included. This is one of the brand’s very first creations so don’t be surprised if the camera isn’t all that amazing. But since you are buying a drone for a kid who wants to do crazy stunts, the Mantis Q is a good pick. It is also crash-safe too in case your child does something clumsy with the controls.

What Kids Drone Would I Buy, And Why?

Drones do not always have to be serious all the time. In fact, they are also entertaining as the first-hand device for kids. These are all the best drones for kids but if you need to ask me what my personal favorite is, I’d definitely go for the Parrot Mambo since it is so easy to learn and use for any age. Also, it was made for kids too so there’s that. If you want a budget version, just buy the Poke Mini UFO or the Eachine E019 instead since they’re best used as toys. But if your child insists on something more serious, then go with the EMAX Hawk Sport (for racing) or the Yuneec Mantis Q (for stunting).

Drones for Kids Buying Guide:

Suitable for Kids

Not all drones are created equal. As such, all of the drones include a suitable age written on the bottom corners of the box. Most drones say 14 and up yet the miniature ones include 7 and up. I highly recommend just sticking to the drones mentioned above since they are the child-friendliest and the most suitable for your budget. You don’t want to waste a thousand dollars just for a kid to crash a DJI multiple times over, right?


I’m not saying you should be cheapskate at all but for a kid, the best budget you can do is around $300 and below - as if you are buying them a gaming console. However, unlike gaming, drones are more than just a toy - they are an aerial device that requires serious learning and has a high skill ceiling. If you want your kid just to have fun, go with the novelty types instead.

FPV or None

It does not matter whether you choose to buy an FPV drone or a regular R/C. What counts is that your child is safe as he or she plays with the drone. Personally, just pick an R/C type drone.

Indoor or Outdoor

This one is also strictly on preference but a drone that can do both is good enough.

Drones for Kids FAQ:

What age is appropriate for a drone?

The average minimum age for drone usage is 12 and up however there are some brands that make novelty drones - the R/C types usually - which are better suited for kids 7 and up; these are child-friendly and safe.

How much should I spend on a kid’s drone?

That certainly depends on how your child treats the drone. Do they like something that is just for fun at home? There are a dozen drones that only cost around $30 to $100 for that. But if your kid wants something more serious, a drone that costs less than $300 is good enough.

Can anyone fly a drone?

Technically, anybody can fly a drone… it is just that not everybody can fly it properly. As for kids, the best drone you can give them is the R/C type first or play with a simulator game. And once they get interested and familiarized, you can let them jump onto a more serious take which is the FPV scene.

Are indoor drones safe?

As long as you are responsible for any belongings inside the house, yes, indoor drones are safe so as long as they are small or foldable. The last thing you want to do is let your kid play the drone near vases or any fragile items at home.

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