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Drone vs Quadcopter

Drones. Quadcopters. Are they different or are they the same? That is what we are here for. If you looked through our best drones review, you might find that some are called drones but others are called quadcopters. So does that mean these two terms are different? Well yes, but also no. Let me explain the difference and similarities between drone vs quadcopter.

The Confusion Between “Drones” and “Quadcopters”  

To break it all down, a drone, in general, is an aircraft that does not involve a human pilot in it. Meanwhile, a quadcopter is one of many types of drones. Does that make things clearer?

Moving on, a drone is also known as an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (or UAV for short). You can use the term “drone” or “UAV” when you are pointing out a quadcopter because that is how the device is. 

What is a Drone?  

A drone is a broad word that is used to describe a UAV. And so, any aircraft that can be remotely controlled or controlled by a computer is a drone. But, are all drones the same? Not at all. Take, for example, a military drone: a large aircraft that can fire missiles and shoot cannons without needing a pilot. Meanwhile, you have the recreational drone: a consumer-based UAV that may be one of the following: tricopter, quadcopter, hexacopter, octocopter, and various custom-built remote aircraft. 

A drone has many uses. For you, a drone is for your hobby; therefore it is a recreational type drone. If you are using a drone for a business like agriculture, real estate, delivery or anything that can track down data, these are commercial drones And, if they’re large and used for government, racing or miscellaneous activities, these are model type drones.

Some drones may look like a box with 4 rotors, others may look like a robotic plane, while several are pretty much miniature helicopters.

What is a Quadcopter?  

A quadcopter is one of many different types of drones. However, while there are many, the quadcopter is the best-selling type for both recreational and commercial. It is perfectly balanced in terms of size, weight, speed and altitude, and it does not cost a fortune compared to a hexacopter or an octocopter. Whether it’s personal, commercial, industrial or even military, the quadcopter is the most common type of drone today. 

It is based on the 4 rotors on each corner, hence why it is called “quad”. 

Purpose of Drones  

If I were to elaborate on all the possible purposes of a drone, that would take me thousands of words to write. Instead, I’ll just break down the most common types.

As previously mentioned, drones have become new reliable smart devices that help in almost everything you need. Do you need a package delivered? Use a drone. Want a fast way to record the humidity of your crop area? A drone can do that. Do you need a fresh point of view when taking photographs? Let the drone do so. Would you like to spend a different kind of quality time with your kids? A drone can help you with that. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s for fun, for business or for competitive racing; drones are now a staple technology for the modern man.

Capabilities of a Quadcopter  

You’d be pleasantly surprised at how much a quadcopter can do. All the purposes mentioned in the segment above is what a quadcopter does. It comes in many different shapes and sizes. Some quadcopters may look very polygonal and bulky while others may look almost microscopic like a bug. Some look like stacks of Legos yet others look like they came from Area 51. 

A quadcopter is very diverse in terms of design whether it’s a large square or a thin x-shaped device. The weight also varies; some are heavy for industrial use while the other half is for stunts and racing. 

Limitations of a Quadcopter Drone  

The quadcopter - as well as the other types of drones - suffer from a major flaw that engineers are still solving as of this writing: battery life. Sure, there are gas-powered drones that last longer but that is only slightly and non-rechargeable. Electric drones may achieve altitudes and distances of great heights but you can’t ever indulge in its glory for long. 

The most known consumer-level drone can only last up to 35 minutes and the lowest battery life is 5 minutes. Of course, we all want more, right? Who knows? Maybe as of this writing, there will be drones that can last up to an hour and can charge in just minutes. But, one can only hope since a drone uses a lot of resources in order to fly. 

It All Depends on How and When You’ll Say Drone or Quadcopter  

To summarize everything, a drone is anything that is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that moves via remote control. A quadcopter is a drone with 4 propellers and is the most common type of UAV. I hope that helps clear things for you. 


What is the most common type of drone?

The quadcopter is the most used type of drone for both consumers and industrial users.

Are quadcopters fast?

Yes, they can be quite fast and agile. They can be so fast that there are racing competitions for quadcopters.

Are airplane-type drones easy to control?

Winged drones requires more skill than regular quadcopters since the controls are quite different.

Are octocopters faster than quadcopters?

Yes but they are also significantly more expensive than quadcopters.

Are winged drones hard to find?

Wing-type drones are more niche than quadcopters. You should be able to find some on Amazon but for the safest choice, buy from the official brand site.

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