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Best Drone Flight Simulator

Best Drone Flight Simulator

Before you get ahead of yourself in flying a drone firsthand, you may want to go through the simulation first. And so, after rigorous research on the 5 best drone flight simulator programs, I highly recommend the DJI Drone Simulator the most because of how accurate and immersive the simulation is as if you are flying a drone for real. It's a great tool before flying a real drone Read more below about it.

Best Drone Flight Simulator: DJI Drone Simulator

Great Planes RealFlight Drone RC Flight Simulator with Interlink Elite Controller
  • Learn to maneuver your drones for...
  • The exclusive RealPhysics technology in...
  • The InterLink Elite Controller works...
  • If you already own an RC transmitter,...
  • Includes RealFlight Drone Flight...

From the minds behind one of the world’s top-selling drones, DJI created their very own flight simulator for you to use on PC. It is perhaps one of the most realistic simulator games ever made since it moves and feels like flying a real drone. The DJI Drone Simulator game uses hyper-realistic graphics, multiple POVs, situational effects including wind and ground effects as well as crashing. It also includes multiple courses including beginner, experienced and veteran. You may choose to play the free version (limited features) or the premium edition (all courses unlocked). It is also the program with the most supported drone controllers ever.

Best Free Drone Flight Simulator: Hotprops FPV Drone Flight Simulator

Drone Simulator
  • Simple but effective controls
  • Beautiful Environment
  • Play for FREE
  • High Quality Graphics
  • English (Publication Language)

Also considered as the best FPV drone game, Hotprops FPV Drone Flight Simulator is quite generous for free to play simulation. Sure, it may not have the most extensive features available, but if you do not want to pay tons of money for a drone simulator game or program, then this is the best you can get. Graphics may not be that jaw-dropping and there are not many courses, but the controls work quite well. It even supports major controllers too as well as offering different locations, customization options and drone models to choose from. It is a cheap experience and it is easily digestible. There is nothing wrong with that, especially if you prefer to use your money on other drone investments.

Best Drone Flight Simulator Training Courses: Zephyr Drone Flight Simulator

Quadcopter Drone Simulator 3D: Control Multirotor City Flight| Copter Robot Drone Flying RC...
  • Control the RC drone
  • Master your drone and annoy people
  • Evade attacks of angered citizens
  • Earn points to upgrade your drone or buy...
  • English (Publication Language)

Now here is something for the tutors, the coaches and the mentors. Zephyr Drone Flight Simulator offers the most complete tutorials and courses provided for the ambitious future drone pilots. It has everything you need and all the basics covered. Not only are the controls, and situational courses accurate but the game adjusts to the controller you are using as well as the drone model you selected in-game. Of course, the program itself is expensive but every penny is worth it if you need the best training course. There are no free versions of this game but it does receive free new updates every so often.

Best Casual Drone Flight Simulator: droneSimPro Drone Flight Simulator

RC Multirotor Drone Flight Sim
  • Ultimate multirotor drone flight...
  • Different types of photo-missions
  • Train your photo skills and annoy people
  • Enjoy bird’s-eye views
  • English (Publication Language)

Don’t mind the long name; droneSimPro Drone Flight Simulator may sound like the most scientifically complex drone game ever made, but it is honestly the most casual experience on this list. Best of all, it does not strictly require you to use a drone remote controller. Instead, you may be able to use console controllers such as the Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PlayStation 3. Although I do wonder where the PS4 controller went. Nevertheless, droneSimPro is a learning experience too, making this a good entry-level drone simulator game to play. It is also the cheapest among the bunch and has one of the lesser features.

Best Racing Drone Flight Simulator: Drone Racing League's SIM 3.0 Drone Racing Simulator

Drone Racing Flight Simulator
  • Amazing Drone Stunts
  • Fly Crazy Drones
  • Perform Legendary Stunts & Complete...
  • English (Publication Language)

If you are perhaps the competitive drone pilot who loves racing, I highly recommend downloading Drone Racing League's SIM 3.0 Drone Racing Simulator (or SIM 3 for short). The game from DRL includes one of the most active members in the drone community, sharing tips and tricks on racing with efficiency. However, it is not just head-to-head competition here; the game includes benchmarking, adjustments, an advanced physics engine and a truckload of personal customization for your drone’s configurations. It makes even the most prolific driving simulators like Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport look like casual games for kids. Pick this up if you would like to know more about your competitive drone flight prowess.

What I Would Buy

Each of the programs listed above is considered the best drone flight simulator game ever created. However, if you want my personal pick, I’d say go for the DJI Drone Simulator above all since it contains everything you need when it comes to drone usage, whether you are a beginner or not. But since these apps are expensive, Hotprops FPV Drone Flight Simulator makes a good free to play alternative but with some limitations. For those that want to treat a simulator as school, the Zephyr Drone Flight Simulator is highly approved by drone professionals and teachers. If you like a more casual approach wherein you can use an Xbox or PS3 controller, do try out the droneSimPro Drone Flight Simulator. Lastly, if you prefer drone racing and customizations, check out Drone Racing League's SIM 3.0 Drone Racing Simulator.

Still looking for a more leisure type of droning? Why not try toy drones?

Buying Guide

Realism vs Fun

Truth be told, not every Drone Flight Simulator is all fun and games. If you wish to be serious in this hobby or even turn it into a profession, these games will surely help you out. They have been highly recommended by expert drone pilots and some are made by drone manufacturers themselves (case in point, DJI). However, that does not mean you cannot have fun. Games like Real Drone Simulator and droneSimPro remove a lot of the stressful parts and overwrite them with just the fun parts about drone flying. And if you prefer taking droning seriously but don't know where to start, check our step-by-step guide for piloting a drone.


Clearly, drone flight simulator games are nothing like the $60 games you usually buy on PC or console. Since these were independently developed and released by drone brands - as well as not sold for amusement for the mainstream gamers - drone flight simulators are expensive - costing around at least $70 to $199, depending on what you purchase.


Some games are already included when you purchase a drone, like DJI or RealFlight RF9. But if you happen to buy a cheaper drone and you want to practice on a virtual world, you will need to buy them individually on their official websites.

Supported Controllers 

All of the simulators listed here (except droneSimPro) support most drone remote controllers. 

What is DJI Flight Simulator?

DJI Flight Simulator is one of the most highly-praised drone simulators ever created. It includes realistic graphics and controls, making the experience highly immersive. The DJI game is also highly recommended by drone experts and teachers since it includes pilot courses and plenty of controller supports. You can also pick which DJI drone you can use in the game.

What is the best FPV drone simulator?

Arguably, Hotprops FPV Drone Flight Simulator is the best there is since it is free and includes more features than its competitors that cost a lot of money. The reason why Hotprops is the best is not that it is free of charge, but rather because of the extensive controls and gameplay that does feel like maneuvering a real FPV drone.

What is a drone simulator?

A drone simulator is a program that mimics real-life drone flying. It is technically a video game but something more serious that is built for professionals and hobbyists. Some drone simulators come along with the drone that you buy while others need to be individually downloaded from their official site.

What is the best RC flight simulator?

Right now, RC9 is the best RC flight simulator, but it focuses more as an action game rather than a real sim. Sure, it may include drone controls but the program treats itself more like a beta version of Ace Combat. Still, it makes a great RC simulator thanks to the realistic controls and flight immersion.

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